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Increase the efficiency of your sales team

With LiveBeep you will be able to optimize your company’s work and manage your human resources better. Our program’s quick and easy operation permits you to improve the efficiency and productiveness of your team.
  • Your operators will be able to take care of your visitors in real time, speeding up your company’s communications.
  • “Canned” responses and predefined groups of content for chat and e-mail will reduce the time needed to respond to your users’ enquiries.
  • The intelligent configuration of the system will allow the simultaneous management of several websites and allocate the enquiries to the operators according to language and ability.
  • Remote access to the program makes the effective workings of a sales team spread across several offices possible, as well as allowing telecommuting.
  • The statistics offered by the software will allow you to monitor the activity and efficiency of your operators and business constantly.

Satisfied Customers

We are very happy – an effective program to attract those potential customers interested in our courses. Immediacy is greatly appreciated nowadays.
Samantha Torruella
Student advisor
Amazing tool! Contact with visitors becomes closer and more real. It builds trust and confidence.
Marta Campus Superior
I am very happy with the on-boarding and personal assistance from LiveBeep. I have confidence in the company and I am sure that as inbound traffic to our site grows, we will increase our commitment and service contracts.
Mario Polo
In addition to the possibility of interacting online, we can study the behaviour of our customers and so improve our website and create ads and campaigns based on what they are looking for. It has been a good investment.
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