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Increase your websites conversions

According to statistics from Google Analytics, traditional communications systems manage to convert between 3% and 5% of all your site visitors to prospects. With LiveBeep your conversion rate will increase, thus generating a greater number of sales.
  • With the proactive, personalized chat invitation system, your site visitors will always feel they are being helped.
  • The live chat feature will allow you to offer the visitor personalized advice, giving them the right information at the right time.
  • You will be able to compare the effectiveness of different contact and acquisition strategies in order to achieve smooth, nonintrusive navigation of your website.
  • You will improve the visitor’s visual and emotional experience, generating greater trust and a closer, more personal treatment.
  • You will multiply your list of contacts and potential customers for your future sales campaigns.

Satisfied Customers

Our customers really appreciate personalized service in real time. LiveBeep gives us good service in this sense and we have managed to increase our enrolment considerably.
Margret Fortmann
We are very happy – an effective program to attract those potential customers interested in our courses. Immediacy is greatly appreciated nowadays.
Samantha Torruella
Student advisor
LiveBeep not only facilitates contact with our website's visitors, but also provides the possibility of having at a single click several online marketing tools for the e-commerce.
Eva Garcia
Sales assistant
Amazing tool! Contact with visitors becomes closer and more real. It builds trust and confidence.
Marta Campus Superior