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What does LiveBeep offer your business?

A solution for increasing your sales
LiveBeep is a powerful B to C (Business to Customer) web application designed to significantly improve your rate of attracting and converting visitors into customers.

This is made possible thanks to a novel and intelligent multichannel, multilingual system offering ongoing assistance to your visitors via chat, e-mail and personalised notes.

In addition, LiveBeep's exclusive multimedia content editor allows you to present your products better.
More power for acquiring customers
LiveBeep comes with a unique system of scheduled contact invitations that will allow you to achieve a conversion rate of over 10% of all website visits.

LiveBeep is a powerful web application designed to manage B to C communication of business websites. It includes live chat, multiple-account messaging, and both web ad and multimedia content editors.
Continuous interaction between visitors and operators

The design and layout of LiveBeep have been conceived to maximise the interaction between visitor and operator. LiveBeep will allow your operators to offer personalised assistance to visitors and capture their attention throughout their time on the site, thus producing better results.

Personalised contents
LiveBeep can be loaded easily and rapidly with presentations for all your products, including descriptions, photos, maps and videos. With this program your operators can promote your leading products and send offers via various communications channels, be they by chat, e-mail or other means. This screenshot shows how an operator can present multimedia content in a chat session.
Single-page presentations
LiveBeep offers two predefined content styles and one free style format.

Among the first two, there is the Single-Page format in which the information is presented vertically, all at once, allowing it to be viewed in a chat session, e-mail or by other means. Its design offers high-quality graphics to produce a greater visual impact for your products.
Interactive presentations
The other option is Interactive Presentation, which is divided into different slides with text and multimedia files (photos, videos, flash, audio and maps), guaranteeing the same graphic and visual quality for all your products.
Sending presentations
In just a few seconds, an operator can answer any enquiry by chat or e-mail, with the option to attach different proposals tailored to the visitor’s needs. The information is presented in a clear and visually attractive format in order to achieve optimal results. This screenshot shows an e-mail generated by LiveBeep just as a customer would receive it.
Scheduled announcements
LiveBeep comes with a flexible, easy-to-use web ad scheduler. In no time you will be creating and displaying sales ads and displaying your best offers to the maximum number of visitors. This example shows how an ad looks on a client’s website.
Visitor tracking panel
This panel shows a list of your current visitors in real time. It allows access to all the information needed to understand your visitors' behaviour and know their profile: previous site visited, key search terms or any other interaction with your website.
Browsing behaviour visualiser
LiveBeep offers an awesome tool that allows the behaviour of visitors to be visualised in real time. Draw your own conclusions by observing how users interact with your website and evaluate what aspects can be improved.
Chat management panel
LiveBeep offers a flexible chat management panel. On the left is a list of chat sessions where the operator can select the active conversation. On the other side is a box for reading different enquiries, responding immediately and attaching personalised contents.
E-mail management panel
The e-mail management module has a structure similar to that of the chat panel: on one side is the list of sessions from which the operator can choose conversations, and on the other a box for responding, with the possibility of attaching personalised materials.
File attachment library
LiveBeep has a comprehensive library of files and other content that can be used by your operators to share information with your customers. As a remote library, you can access these documents from any computer with an Internet connection. It is ideal for sending a cost proposal to interested parties in the moment.
Activity monitor panel
LiveBeep comes with different activity log files that allow measurement of the effectiveness of operators and scheduled events. In this way you can decide at a glance which approaches achieve the best results, as well as evaluating how proactive your operators are.

Satisfied Customers

We are very happy – an effective program to attract those potential customers interested in our courses. Immediacy is greatly appreciated nowadays.
Samantha Torruella
Student advisor
I am very happy with the on-boarding and personal assistance from LiveBeep. I have confidence in the company and I am sure that as inbound traffic to our site grows, we will increase our commitment and service contracts.
Mario Polo
I am delighted with LiveBeep. Now we can serve our customers in real time and improve our customer service instantaneously and effectively.
Mercedes Guerrero
Marketing Director
In addition to the possibility of interacting online, we can study the behaviour of our customers and so improve our website and create ads and campaigns based on what they are looking for. It has been a good investment.
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