How can I run Livebeep on my website?

Livebeep installation is very easy;  you only need to copy a script in the source code of your web page and the tool will run correctly.

An advisor will contact you with the code and the necessary information to start.

How many operators can I create?

Your personal advisor from Livebeep will help you to create the fisrt operator of your system. Once the Administrator is created (the first user), the user can create as much as operators that needed.

We always recommend to use clear and true information about the operators because it increase the value of your business.

How many domains can I upload?

From one account, you can register as many as domains you’ll need and you will handle it one single panel.
For example, if you have two completely different businesses ( and you can manage all the tasks from one Livebeep account.

Do you provide aftersales support?

From the beginning, each Livebeep User has a personal advisor who will cover all your support needs.

For any issue with Livebeep, you can contact your advisor by telephone or email and the advisor will contact you as soon as posible.

Is the aftersales support free?

Yes, it’s totally free and unlimited.

Is the storage provider like Dropbox?

Yes, the cloud storage provider is a similar service than Dropbox. However, there are two main differences between them.

Livebeep allows a maximum of 5MB each document but it has not limitation with the quantity of documents. Dropbox has the limitation of the quantity uploaded but it it allows bigggest documents to be uploaded.

In how many languages is available Livebeep?

Livebeep provide services in 14 different languages over the world (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Deutsch, Rusian, Sweden, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Ukainian, Chinese and Japanese) manually transcribed.

How to use Livebeep

Inside the User panel, you have instructions guide which every tool is explained. During the trial period, you have a personal advisor to start using the software and any questions can be solved by telephone or via email.

In addition, after the free period, all our customers have a personal advisor who they can ask for help.  For any incident, you can contact the consultant through a phone call or leave us a email.

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In case of imposibility to access your Livebeep panel, you should contact your personal advisor through our website or send us a email.

For system security, if an unusual use is detected, Livebeep block the access until the users confirms their identity.

Once suspended the trial period, the access to the panel is locked automatically. Before suspending, we always notify in advance to ensure that it has been duly informed of such action.

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