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€53per month
An annual invoice of €540
Main tools
  • Customized sales funnels
  • Automation of sales actions
  • Inbound campaigns tracking
  • Automated Email Marketing, SMS and Push Notifications campaigns (3)
  • Onsite marketing tools
And all the communication tools

Livebeep CRM also includes all the tools of Livebeep OCP.

General information
  • Companies / contacts: Unlimited
  • Domains: 1
    (Additional domain: 5€ /month)
  • Operators: 1
    (Additional operator: €14 /month)
VAT and other taxes are not included. Rates already include the discount for payment method.
(3) Shipping costs: €0.0015/email, €0.0015/push notification, €0.05/SMS

Get to know in detail all the tools included in your subscription CRM

Customer tracking
  • Panel of companies
  • Contact panel
  • Customized funnels (objectives and phases) with task assignment
  • Tracking of company communications with the customer
Onsite Marketing
  • Announcements
  • Coupons
  • Quotation forms
  • Subscription forms
  • Push subscriptions
  • Tracking of inbound campaigns and 360º interaction tracking (all channels)
Outbound Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Push notifications
  • Sending bulk SMS
  • Customizable templates
  • Specific reports

Livebeep CRM plan also includes all the tools of Livebeep OCP

You may think that offering good omnichannel customer service can be complex, but that won't happen if you have the right digital tool.

General Uses
  • Domain: 1
  • Operators: 1
  • Leads / conversations: Unlimited
  • Contacts and Companies database (custom fields)
  • Technical support by e-mail and call
  • Customized training
  • Shared bookstore
  • Pop - up web ads
  • Corporate mail
  • Predefined and automatic responses for chat and email
Instant messaging integration
  • Instagram DM
  • Messenger
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Unlimited account integration
  • No message sending limitation
  • Possibility to integrate your chatbot
  • Simultaneous translation of social media messages
Customer service
  • Email inbox
  • Livechat for pc and mobiles
  • Video call channel in the chat
  • Contact by email and forms
  • Direct link to social networks
  • Chatbot for data capture
  • Appointment and call request
  • Quotation form
  • Multi-language communication window
  • Simultaneous chat and email translations
Technical Support
  • Web site support guides
  • Ticket tracking system
  • Ticket status customization
  • Issue comment panel
  • Create an event in the agenda to organize meetings
Organization of your team
  • Module to create projects
  • Tasks and subtasks module
  • Team chat
  • Video call rooms
  • Notifications
  • Conversion of chats and emails
  • Consultations attended
  • Performance and valuation of operators
  • Using the video call channel
  • Chatbot performance

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