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10% discount Semi-annual Payment
20% discount Annual Payment

Beep 1

€ /month

  • Operators 1
  • Domains 1
  • Leads / month 500

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Beep 5

€ /month

  • Operators 5
  • Domains 2
  • Leads / month 1.250

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Beep 10

€ /month

  • Operators 10
  • Domains 5
  • Leads / month 2.500

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Beep 1


Beep 5


Beep 10


Beep Enterprise

Do you need more domains or more operators? Or are you interested in a chatbot?

Operators 1 5 10
Domains 1 2 4
Leads / month 500 1.250 2.500
Customised training
Chatbot data capture Included Included Included Included
Customer service ratings
Livechat for computers and mobile devices
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App integration, direct social network links
Synchronised with your email
Predefined and automatic responses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic sorting of enquiries
Ads, subscriptions and forms
Lead and visitor tracking
Control of working hours  New!

VAT and other taxes are not included. Rates already include the discount for payment method.

Extra agent user

9,00€ /month additional up to a maximum of 10 operators (each operator includes 250 additional leads/month). For more, please request a quote.

Extra domain

5,00€ /month additional up to a maximum of 5 domains. For more, please request a quote.

Additional Lead

0,08€ per additional lead or enquiry. Upgrade the plan to the size of your website.

Integration with social networks

Centralise the enquiries received through Facebook Messenger and Telegram in your Livebeep dashboard, to be able to take care of your customers anywhere and anytime.

logo telegram
logo messenger
1 Instance
29,00€ /mes
2 Instances
49,00€ /mes
3 Instances
59,00€ /mes
4 Instances
69,00€ /mes
5 Instances
75,00€ /mes
  • The cost of the service is calculated according to the instances you decide to include in your Livebeep account.

  • By instance, we mean each Telegram number or Facebook account.

  • After six instances, a cost of €15.00 /month per additional instance is added.

  • In each instance you will be able to activate the chatbot you have operating on your website, at no additional cost.

The setup of the social network service has a one-time setup fee of €80.00 for each network, regardless of the number of instances chosen.

Extra modules to enhance your plan

Accompany the growth of your business with the tools that help you the most.

Vista Assistance

  • Video help integrated into the chat (no login or app installation required by the visitor).
  • Screen-sharing function.

15€ /month

Team Lab

  • Customisable and programmable video call meeting rooms.
  • Overall tracking of projects, tasks and team performance reporting.

15€ /month

Help center

  • Autonomous help platform for your customers' frequently asked questions.
  • Incident management and tracking up to a maximum of 1,000 tickets per month.

15€ /month


  • Automatic translation in more than 100 languages.
  • Available in emails and chats.
  • Cost per character: €0.05/1,000 char.

15€ /month

Onsite Marketing

  • Manager and supports for onsite advertising banners.
  • Segmented campaign manager.
  • Campaign performance analysis.

Pay as you go

Outbound Marketing

  • Mailing, SMS and Push notifications.
  • HTML templates integrated to the mailing manager.
  • Statistical tracking of campaigns.

Pay as you go

The same discounts will be applied according to the payment method (20% annual payment, 10% semi-annual payment). VAT and other taxes not included.

Beepy, your virtual assistant

Chatbot customised for your company's needs. Personalised service for your customers 24 hours a day.

Bot 10

60€ /month

  • Predefined answers 10
  • Scripted interaction
  • Database
  • Capture Standard
  • Sign-up fee 240 €
Bot 20

140€ /month

  • Predefined answers 20
  • Scripted interaction
  • Database
  • Capture Customized
  • Sign-up fee 480 €
Bot 30

210€ /month

  • Predefined answers 30
  • Scripted interaction
  • Database
  • Capture Customized
  • Sign-up fee 720 €

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