Improve the relationship with your customers and prospects with a personalized follow-up. Centralize your marketing, commercial and financial management.

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Create a closer relationship with your customers and suppliers

CRM software in the cloud. This system allows you to manage in an organized, structured and centralized way the information about your customers and suppliers.


- Offers personalized attention.
- Optimize your processes and resources.
- Streamline your internal communication.

Why use a CRM?

If your goal is to improve your sales, productivity and have more control. CRM software can help you. It records all contact information, company activity, financials, marketing and sales communications, etc. In addition, your team can include relevant feedback benefiting customer service. The CRM stores it as an individual record allowing you to have a holistic view of the customer.

3 Main advantages of a CRM

A CRM optimizes your digital transformation
  • Strengthen the relationship with your customers, collaborators and suppliers. Follow up on an individual basis. Centralize your communications. Organize events and videoconferences. Create tickets for your team to resolve any incident or query.

  • Improve your team's internal communication. You can include comments, previous attendance reports and attachments. Whoever needs it can access to get a comprehensive view and manage the customer correctly.

  • Know your target audience and segment. Use the filters to find out what sector they belong to, their activity, their country, what stage of the sales funnel they are in, etc.