Ticketing tool

Provide follow-up with an online ticketing tool. Streamline the resolution of incidents or queries from your customer service. Improve your daily workflow

Solve your customers' frequently asked questions

Ticketing system. Create a ticket to document customer requests and interactions. Facilitates the resolution of complicated problems.


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- The inquiries (tickets) go into a separate panel. 

- Share the ticket between the agent and the customer.

What is a help center system?

It is a technical support platform in the cloud. It stores your customer data in a database allowing you to track interactions and automate the problem resolution process with a ticketing system.

How does a help center system work?

  • The visitor to your website looks for the solution to their problem in the help guides or contacts your technical support from the same place.

  • If they make contact, the system creates a ticket with the issue. Your operators record the details, resolve the issue and close the ticket.

  • The customer has been able to track and interact throughout the process. The tickets are associated with their contact information.

Help center functions

4 Main advantages of a Help center

Use a software help center to provide solutions for your customers
  • Improve the quality of your technical support service and thus increase customer satisfaction.

  • Organize your customer service department. The ticketing system helps you identify and segment cases.

  • Make data-driven decisions. Tickets allow you to get to know your customers and analyse the support history.

  • Save support time by answering frequently asked questions with help guides that will be visible on every page where you set them up.