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Digitize your company in the cloud and connect with all your customers: omnichannel strategy, ticketing, CRM, teamwork, outbound and inbound marketing, analytics...

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Digital transformation for businesses

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Live Chat

Chat with your web visitors and help them in real time. Assist them in their language with live translations or connect via video call.

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Interact with your customers 24/7. Answer their questions, send forms, hand out brochures, play videos, etc.

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Social networks

Bring together all your messaging apps. Answer to Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp queries from the same place.

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Help center

Solve your visitors' doubts with assistance guides on your website. Manage your customers' queries and incidents with a ticketing system.

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Marketing digital

Attract leads with banners and forms. Optimize your email marketing communications, sms and push notifications. Measure results.

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Centralize your company's data and communications with your leads and customers. Respond to the expectations of a more digital user.

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Create your digital environment with an all-in-one platform

Improve your customer service

  • Chatbox with personalized messages
  • Chatbot or live chat
  • Click to call & Click to request
  • Array of predefined replies
  • Banner for warning messages

Increase your sales with on and off site marketing

  • Display banners and ads
  • Coupon campaigns
  • Sign-up form
  • Budget request form
  • Email marketing

Control your web analytics and conversion

  • Google AdWords campaign analytics
  • Facebook Ads analytics
  • Display ad tracking
  • Coupon campaign monitoring
  • Comprehensive report on web conversion

Optimize your productivity

  • Individual and shared calendars
  • Notification of internal events
  • Task and/or event manager
  • Individual agent ratings
  • Team productivity reports

Share and manage all your files in the cloud

  • Database and contacts generated in Livebeep
  • Database importing & exporting
  • Library to store and share documents and files

Customized tech developments

  • Development of customised chatbots
  • Development of customised CRM
  • Tailor-made ERP
  • Customised adaption to database systems
Software all-in-one

Develop a 100% mobile digital strategy

100% mobile digital strategy

Assist your customers from anywhere with your cell phone. Receive and answer your email messages, chat live with your web visitors or social networks in any language with the simultaneous translation module. Don't miss any conversation.

Also, check your web statistics and set up your account, invitations, coupons, ads, etc.

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Do you use other digital tools?
Livebeep integrates with...

 Install Livebeep on your WordPress website by requesting an installation code. The download instructions.   Instalation instructions.

Analyse the performance of your AdWords campaigns as part of your Livebeep reports. Visualise and interpret your conversion rate with simple graphics.

Consolidate the monitoring of Facebook campaigns and analyse the conversion rates with discrete SEM channels.

Synchronise your web activity with both Livebeep and Google Analytics and get precise, real time data on your website’s conversion rate.

Synchronise Livebeep contacts with MailChimp and bring all your email marketing activities together without needing to fuss with databases.

Automatically synchronise your Livebeep database with Infusionsoft to pool your contacts and carry out email campaigns.

Merge your database of Livebeep contacts with the Teamleader CRM. You can create campaigns from Livebeep with your CRM data.

Merge your database of Livebeep contacts with Acumbamail and consolidate your email marketing campaigns. Send messages from a single platform to a shared database.

Integrate the Livebeep Click to Call service with the Vozelia VoIP to offer the latest technology in customer assistance.

Livebeep can be installed in Prestashop websites. Instalation instructions.

Do you need to integrate Livebeep with another system? Just call with our team.

Why choose Livebeep for your digital transformation?

System for your digital transformation
  • All-in-one system: Opt for a cloud platform that gives you agility in the planning, communication, sales and invoicing processes of your company. It allows you to have a more human relationship with your customers.

  • It is scalable: as you grow you can integrate the different modules that fit your needs.

  • Centralized information: All your company's data is available to each member of your team, allowing them to provide better solutions to your customers.

  • Use statistics: measure all your marketing, sales, financial, etc. actions so that you can make clear and effective decisions.

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